Professional English Studies Courses

PES students take the following courses according to the semester they attend:

  • Fall Semester: English for Business Purposes

     Courses in the fall emphasize building the foundations of advanced language and professional skills through business and economic themes and projects.

        - Written Communication in Business (WCB, 10 hours/week) 

        - Advanced Oral Communication Skills (ACS, 6 hours/week)  

        - Supervised Field Experience: Professional Networking (SFE 4-6 hours/week) 


  • Spring Semester: English for Policy and Leadership Development

     Courses in the spring develop language skills through units focused on organizational behavior, public policy, and non-profit organizations.

        - Professional Applications in Reading and Writing (ARW, 10 hours/week) 

        - Leadership and Discussion Seminar (LDS, 6 hours/week) 

        - Supervised Field Experience: Community Engagement (SFE 4-6 hours/week) 


Additional Course Options:

Admitted PES particpants who wish to enroll in short-term, evening and weekend business courses offered by Georgetown's School of Continuing Studies can browse course options here. Before enrolling in these courses, participants should consult with PES faculty