EFL Resources

Students in the EFL Program have access to three labs, each with updated facilities and current technology:

  • Computer Lab
  • Self Access Lab
  • Teaching Lab

The EFL Computer Lab has workstations with the latest Windows and Microsoft software programs. In addition to complete Internet access, students can use special Sanako Media Assistant software to listen to audio files and record their speaking.

Outside of class, the EFL Self Access Lab provides students with the opportunity to practice their listening and pronunciation skills. They can listen to digital audio materials through the Sanako Lab 100 system, view video-recorded materials, or watch a variety of cable television programs. Each station also includes a computer for individual work with Office applications or the Internet.

Instructors use the EFL Teaching Lab with their classes for a range of listening and speaking activities. The Sanako Lab 100 system creates digital recordings of individual speaking tasks or pair/group discussions, and instructors use a variety of audio and video materials for listening skill practice. Activities can be integrated, providing opportunities for natural, communicative interaction. In addition to the language lab system, each station has a computer with complete network and Internet access.