Why Georgetown PES?

The Professional English Studies (PES) Program allows students to broaden their knowledge, strengthen their resumes, and advance their careers with courses that meet their needs and instructors who provide individual attention. Courses are geared toward practical application of English language skills in professional contexts. The PES Program offers the option of being only a one-semester program if desired. 

Read what our alumni have to say!                                                                                          


 There are many remarkable points about my experience: first, the quality of the professors - their knowledge, experience, kindness, and always open to support and help the students; second, the academic environment of the University, third, the international experience; and last but not  least, the friendship that is possible to establish with our colleagues. 

PES Student


       ~ Vila, Brazil (2016 graduate)



The program is so meaningful to me. I’ve learned not only English but also American policies, culture, and interaction with native speakers. …  The most valuable thing that I've achieved from the program is confidence. With confidence and positive energy that I got in the program,  I have more various opportunities in my life.                                                                     


       ~ Raina, S. Korea (2016 graduate)



 PES was a good experience for me. We took advantage of the DC area, visiting Congress, Supreme Court, State House in Maryland, and City Council. Through the visits, we could understand more about the liberty in the United States. It's much more than just English courses. 

PES Student


       ~ Ines, Taiwan (2016 graduate)